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Lunar Craters

Student Spotlight

Highlighting exceptional VIP students.

Daniel Portas Levy

Daniel Levy has been a Wolfpack Cubesat Development Team member since 2019, leading several initiatives on computer software and engineering. He is an 8th-grade Weiss School student and will attend Florida Atlantic University High School this fall.


As a part of the WCDT, Daniel authored several papers and presented at many aerospace conferences, including AIAA’s SciTech and the Astrobiology Science Conference. Last year, his presentation as a part of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) in Athens, Greece, covered applications of AI and machine intelligence in space education. 


As someone with a particular passion for computer science, Daniel is adept at various programming languages such as Python, Haskell, C++, and C#. He has been using it to provide code for recent High-Altitude Balloon missions, as well as leveraging AI and machine learning for various projects and working on game development. 


Daniel believes technology can be a powerful tool to help young kids get more opportunities and build a brighter future. That’s why he joined Mr. Simmons in teaching computer programming concepts at the Pleasant City Community Center. Last year, Daniel also led a WCDT initiative to host an international hackathon event for students in India and the US to expose a broader part of the population to computer programming.


Most recently, Daniel joined FAU’s Aerospace Experimental Association, where he leverages his WCDT experience and supports the team with software and code development focusing on upcoming space experiments.

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