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Orbital Mechanics and Science Fair Success
July 17-21

These half day sessions run the week of July 17-21 meeting at The Greene School in West Palm Beach, Florida. Each session may be taken independently of the other or motivated STEM students may choose both!  Reserve your spot by completing this form today!

Science Fair Success

Start your student off on the path to science fair success with esteemed science educator Kevin Simmons who has years of success sending students to the fair!   

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Orbital Mechanics

For those who love math, orbital mechanics teaches your students how math connects to aerospace using Hoemann Transfers! Mastery of Pre-Algebra is recommended although not required. 

 Orbital mechanics Summer camp photo.jpg


A week-long camp where students study space missions, create a new solution and make a pitch presentation to sell their missions. Develop math, science, and communication skills through aerospace.

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