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Lunar Craters


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AIA creates unique and Distinctive STEM Opportunities for Students and Educators


Congrats to the students who presented live at the COSPAR conference in Athens, Greece this past July: Argyrios Vaitsos, Sebastian Timbal, Celine Schauer, Jasmin Schauer, Paul Kiesling, Dylan Kiesling, Theodore Ouyang, William Mayville, Arnav Joseph, Aaryan Joespy, and Daniel Portas-Levy. Topics include a Paraglider to retrieve HAB payloads, Lunar Food Development, CubeSats in Education, graphene, HAB as precursor to CubeSats, and more!







This past year, the IAC was held in Paris, France!  Students who presented live include: Sebastian Timbal, Celine Schauer, Jasmin Schauer, and Dylan Kiesling,    Topics include osteoblast transcription, artificial intelligence, FlipSat, WOLF-C, Xenobots, graphene, bacteria in space, and more!

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HAB at NearSpace Education Fulfillment Center in Upland, Indiana (June, 2022)

Several WCDT students both current and alumnus attended the ribbon cutting event announcing NearSpace Launch's newest division that will help more students and educators become familiar with the use of CubeSats in the classroom through the use of High Altitude Balloons. Students in attendance were Tyler and Elliot Evrard-Vescio, Gabe and Michael Mikati, Owen Welch, and Caeden Dooner.



SPACE CLUB (Space, Physics, Aerospace, and CubeSat Exploration)

The fiftth cohort of SPACE Club opens in September!This is the precursor to joining the prestigious Wolfpack CubeSat Development Team! Only prerequisites are a passion for the universe, be in middle-high school, and have a working understanding of pre-algebra!  See our Courses and Club page for registration info. 

ART CONTEST Congrats to the winners who were notified by email. 

SMALLSAT EDUCATION CONFERENCE:  Free for students and educators! Registration for 2023 coming soon 

STEM Outreach Informative Picture Book By WCDT Students Available Now!

This book written and illustrated by WCDT students teaches younger students about the ISS and how SpaceX launches and lands in the same location. All proceeds go towards WCDT hardware to launch CubeSats!  Please purchase on Amazon here. 


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