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Welcome to the Wolfpack

AIA offers two distinctive after-school teams to engage your middle-high school student in real-world aerospace!


SPACE CLUB is the gateway to aerospace education at AIA! This class is appropriate for 5th-8th grade students with little to no experience in physics or aerospace. Some basic understanding of algebra is helpful, but the only prerequisite is a LOVE of space and a willingness to work hard! Meets online weekly Tuesdays 6-7 pm EST. 

The WCDT (Wolfpack CubeSat Development Team) is a renowned hands-on team of students around the country who desire to build real spacecraft, explore their individual passions in aerospace and even publish and present at international conferences!  This group is appropriate for those who have completed a year of SPACE Club and interested, hardworking high school/college students looking to stand out on resumes.  Members of the Wolfpack who want to not only be part of a team, but be a leader on their own project, are encouraged to be VIP (Vanguard Innovation Program) members.   Meets online weekly THURS 6-7 pm EST. 

Sign up by following these steps: 

1. Sign up on the Google Form 

2. Pay by visiting the Pay/Plan tab above or using PayPal payable to

Pricing:  Early bird trimester savings (Space Club/WCDT): $430

                 VIP (WCDT members only) $500


SPACE CLUB and WCDT 2024-2025

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