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Michael Mikati: Policy Lead

VIP Michael Mikati has several years of WCDT membership under

his belt, and, this year, he has undertaken the role of Policy Lead

where he can best work on his passion to affect legislative change. 

Michael, a ninth grade student at American Heritage High School,

believes advocacy and policy are critical actions constituents can

take to make a difference in their communities. To that end, his

current work is to fight for the underrepresented communities in

our own backyard of Palm Beach County.

During this past Space Day at Tallahassee, Michael, with a team of

policy members, got sponsorship for an appropriations, which will 

target two critical issues: (1) "greying" in the aerospace workforce

and (2) the lack of job qualifications in local underrepresented

populations. This appropriation specifically aims to provide at-risk

youth and young adults with opportunities to gain aerospace

technical certification, which will help these students with the

necessary skills to obtain a good-paying job-- one that is higher

paying than the national average. Most of the WCDT students in

the Aerospace and Innovation Academy have access to advanced

educational resources, new technology, and outstanding teachers;

however, underrepresented students do not have these same resources and opportunities. The policy team, with Michael at the helm, strongly believes that we can make a difference in our own local community by making these resources and opportunities available to young people who need it the most. The team is working closely with the offices of Representative Thad Altman (Space Coast) and Senator Bobby Powell (Palm Beach County) on this endeavor. In addition to this work, Michael, along with teammates Tyler and Elliot Evrard-Vescio, helped train a team of Greene School students for their first visit to advocate for Space Day in Tallahassee.  

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